Sunday, 10 April 2011

Beachy Keen

Living on Guam has its pros and cons, the same goes for many other places in the world.  The best experience living on Guam has definitely been living around my sister and her family for the past two years.  Our time together will end in a few weeks, but the past couple of years have been wonderful getting to share the military experience together, and even better, being able to have our kids grow up together, even if it is for a short time.  Yesterday, we decided to go to Haputo Beach together with our friends the St. Louis family.  The beach is quite a hike down, but well worth it once you reach it.

These are the steps that start your way down to the beach.  I didn't take any pictures going down, but I did on the way up, so you'll see those after the beach pictures.  We were all sweating quite a bit once we reached the beach.  It's amazing we made the descent, but even more that we had six little children with us that made the climb down too.

This is what we came to once we reached the bottom.  Very beautiful.

Now that we'd reached the beach, it was relaxing and swimming time.  The ocean was deep, the beach was a little rocky, but nothing wearing some shoes couldn't fix.  We spent the day snorkeling, not me though, I don't like seeing what I'm swimming with, swimming with the kids, playing in the sand, looking for ocean life, and getting sun burnt.  The company was great and the day turned out to be fantastic!

(Dayden's favorite thing - searching for hermit crabs.)

(A ghost crab we found in the sand.)

Once we got done frolicking on the beach, we had to climb back up to our cars.  The ascent was hard, especially on the kids, but we made it.  Everyone started out good, but once we reached maybe half-way, the kids were hot and tired, one in particular was crying for water, one was walking around the jungle naked, and others hustled their way up. 

(See, we started out with happy faces.)

(This is the view from the very top.)

We reached the top and it was a great relief.   The beach was well worth any hardships we may have faced and we would definitely do it again. 

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